Evolution Umbrella is a new type of Umbrella Payroll Company

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Evolution for Contract Workers

Evolution is a new type of Umbrella Payroll Company and is suitable for all contract workers.

Normally, Umbrella companies will charge you for Employer National Insurance. This means that the pay rate that your agency or client has promised you can be subject to deductions of up to 45% even if you don’t earn much money.

  • Evolution Umbrella will never charge you for Employer National Insurance.
  • You will be fully employed by Evolution Umbrella and will be entitled to holiday pay, sick pay and all parental benefits such as Maternity Pay. You will also have access to our company pension scheme through Automatic Enrolment.
  • Evolution Umbrella is the best way for you to be paid your contracting income – with no Employer National Insurance deductions.

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Recruitment Agencies

Evolution for Recruitment Agencies

The most common complaint from your contract workforce when using an Umbrella Company is that the cost of Employer National Insurance is deducted from their income. When you change to Evolution Umbrella you will have far happier contractors who will continue to work for you, saving you the time and cost of searching for new staff as well as all of the time that you currently spend dealing with payroll queries.

  • Evolution Umbrella is suitable for any pay rate from NMW/NLW upwards.
  • You will have happy contractors.
  • You will increase your margin when compared to working with other Umbrella Companies. All contractors are fully employed by Evolution Umbrella with guaranteed supply chain compliance.
  • Evolution Umbrella also has a special contract model which means that no VAT is payable anywhere in the supply chain – ideal for the private medical sector.

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Evolution for Gig Economy Workers

As a hirer in the Gig Economy you are under increasing pressure to engage your workforce in a compliant manner.

  • Using our Joint Employment (or PEO) model we will share the responsibility of ensuring that you are complying with both employment status and tax status obligations.
  • Protect your business with Evolution Umbrella

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Gig Economy Workers

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